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(1) What’s the best exercise to do?

(2) How long to exercise for if I am obese or overweight?  

I made a video reply and she let me share it.
Dear Vangel,
My weight loss expert,
I’m 90 pounds overweight, (1) what’s the best type of exercise to do and (2) How long do I have to exercise for each day to lose weight ?
Hello I’m Vangel weight loss expert, Founder of Substitute health  Easy solutions just for obese and over weight.

Alicia,  Great question,

If you are over weight or obese then you must exercise enough to make a deficit from the energy you consume, which means the food you eat &  drink energy and the energy out or the exercise you do.

Example, Its like this 2000 calories in, less 3000  =  -1000 ** The – 1000 is the weight loss,  So 2000 is energy in  and 3000 is energy out 2000 is food  & drink and  3000 is what you normally burn to live and any extra exercise you do  It’s an easy  mathematical equation.  Which I don’t like because It can never be accurate.

it’s correct in theory but you can never be sure exactly what the energy in and Energy out really is,  and in this type of mathematical Equation  if either of these are not accurate you can never have a correct  answer.

So you can never be sure what the scales will say the next day.

How long do you continue to do something that does not work?   After 3 days of it not working most give up.   This is why so many stop their old fashion calorie counting program.   If you are told to add up calories, or exercise energy calories and it doesn’t wok why do it.

The next day if you don’t lose weight then it means that you might be really eating say 3000 calories of food and if you can’t  eat less than you have to exercise more.

So what I tell people to create a deficit of energy in to energy out the next day and to help with this issue is a simple word to remember.

And it’s the answer to  Your question its  – MORE


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  obese on scales Do more exercise every day till you start losing the weight at the rate you want.   Not  MORE harder, MORE  time doing the exercises.  Try to have LESS food as well, however if you can not have less food then try this for more weight loss exercises.

If you want to lose ½ a  pound a day then weigh your self every day and do more exercise every day till you achieve the weight loss rate you want. Start with 1 hour a day and increase it by 15 minutes till you find when you start losing weight at a safe rate.

How much is a safe amount of weight loss for obese and over weight person?  I believe its  between .2 pounds a day which is  .100 grams  a day, average over 3 days. So exercise 1 hour each day to start with than if after the 4th day you’re not losing weight at the rate you want than,  the 5th  day bump it up to  1.1/4 hours than if still not reached the rate you want the next day do  1 and ½ hours  next day 1.45 hours, next day 2 hours then 2  1/4  hours, 2.  1/2 hours or 3 hours and so on till you get to the rate that works for you.

Go it ?  great,

How ever once you have achieved the rate you want to lose every day,  you also have to do this every day consecutively for weeks till you lose all your excess weight,   so you don’t  stop one week and  start the next.

Once you reach your goal of losing your 90 pounds  continue similar eating and exercising at that rate of time for another 5- 10 weeks.  After that 5 – 10 week period, decrease your exercising time slowly 15 minutes each  day to help stabilize your weight,  there after.

Stop at a daily exercise rate when you see the weight start creeping up, so if you weight starts going up at your 45 minutes a Day rate, then keep doing it for 45 minutes a day for 5 days and see if your weight  stabilizes,   or you might have to do more and go to 60 minutes a day and then you will have to stick to about 60 minutes a day for the rest of your life to maintain your new goal weight.

 Don’t Stop exercising, or dieting on your goal weight day or some of your weight  will come Back on as your digestive System recovers. The longer you stop exercising for the more the weight will come back on.

What is a safe type of  exercise?

As long its low to medium intensity full body exercise Like, what I teach, or similar to dancing,  or my  invisible exercises are great  that you  can find on my website. Dancing is 5 times better than walking, even on any treadmill and You can do it inside your house no matter what the weather is, so no limitations with the whether or outside temperature, or needing to have a machine to walk.

Go to my web site to learn more about my unique weight loss systems and free help. Need more  variety to enjoy weight loss exercises ?  Why don’t you try one of my  daily live weight loss party classes  Split into 7  groups of over weight.

vaecover2I only have programs for obese and overweight so please join my EASY AS weight loss program, and let me choose one of my 70 programs customized Weight Loss Yummy Diet and customized Weight Loss Exercise Routines selected automatically just for right you,  based on your weight, age  and gender.


I have memberships for obese and over weight, one called the Angel Membership and memberships for those in their normal weight range called Happiness,  for  $10 per month.

If you prefer I can give you a  free sample video EASY AS customized program  just click the link below, its  yours to keep to do on your own or with one of my memberships. It’s all natural, so no gyms, no humiliation, no special foods, pills powders.  Any age, any weight.

I’m Vangel your new weight loss guardian angel,  and don’t forget to follow your program every day.

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Whats the best exercises to do & for how long if overweight or obese?

How long to exercise for weight loss? Whats the best weight loss exercise? a non member, Email Question & Answered by weight loss expert, only $20 or try the Free sample EASY AS weight loss video program. Master, Specialist, Vangel Rizos founder of Substitute Health