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3 ways to purchase The Weight Loss Party Class Show 

(1) Purchase your next class from our scheduled time table, for $10 and we will send you emails and sms reminders hours before it is on,  and a few minutes before it is on, so you can see it live.  If you booked a class and you missed it, then don’t worry there will be a free replay for 24 hours.

The show is is a live google hangout with a chat roll, so you can ask questions, live, and i will answer them live.   Join in the fun, the weight loss exercises and weight loss diet tips.    After viewing it you can store the link in your free or paid membership area for ever, to watch and follow it again in the future.


(2) Purchase a Party Class show Membership for access to classes every day, at $49 paid monthly  

(3) Purchase previous classes 1 at a time for $10 or groups of 10 classes at a discount.  

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