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Do you need to lose weight, with the best help you can get?

Vangel Rizos WLE,  Personal Trainer, Specializing in Weight loss can visit you for a  “Super Service Visit” in your home in Adelaide, or make arrangements to visit you in Australia or  anywhere in the world.

Book your session,  learn my latest weight loss nutrition and weight loss exercises, suited to your current weight and age, based on the World Health Weight Loss Guidelines, for obese and over weight.

Have me for 1 hour or I can stay with you all day and shadow you correcting your bad habits.  Let me motivate you show you when and how often you should do your weight loss exercises and follow your weight loss diet, from your own home for the fastest results.

Vangel Founder Weight Loss Expert

If you want me in person to help you lose weight,  then book me to come out to visit you in your house and be your personal weight loss angel.

I will teach you how to lose weight yourself in a just a few hourly visits,  or book me out for the day so I can shadow you for as long as you want, and  look after you  to guide you through your weight loss journey or one of my weight loss programs any were in the world.

After the visit, I will stay in contact with you daily to make sure you are staying on track and losing weight. I do this by email, text, phone or skype.

If calling to book me in Australia, my phone number is on the top of my web site.


Mobile 0409 833 393  8am till 8pm     7 days per week


I know it’s hard to get into the weight loss lifestyle routine and trying to remember what to do while your on my weight loss Program,   like what foods to buy and when to do your weight loss exercises, or where to do them In your home.

I know you have many questions to ask and its best to do that in person, and then I can show you what you have to do to help yourself with that weight problem issue.

If you want me to personally put you through my weight loss program,   I’m here To help.

I call it a super service visit,  it’s a fixed hourly rate base to base,  and you  also pay for my travel expenses, whether in Australia or if I have to visit you in your country,  and  if I have to stay over night then you will have to put me up for a few nights in your house.

During this time I can  Stay with you hour after hour and answer your questions,  do the diet and exercises together with you,  and help you substitute your food choices to get you on track,  and I can also follow you while  you go about your every day normal routine, to help convert your day into a weight loss lifestyle.

Don’t worry I wont make you go to the gym.

I will help you incorporate my program  into your day no matter what your day consists of. I go through all that and so much more.

Like how to do My 1,2,3,4  weight loss  Habit builder,  or my Invisible weight loss exercises, you know the ones others wont be able to tell your doing,   we’ll have So much fun with this.

I might even show you some cool dance moves or maybe you can teach me some of yours.    Don’t worry there will be no ass whipping,  torture I promise,  my methods are low to moderate in difficulty so your able to do more then you ever thought you could.  Spending more time during your day doing weight loss exercises is key within my solutions.  I want to have fun just like I’m sure you do to, and I have found this approach works best for weight loss.

I’ll be gentle, caring, supporting and understanding, and the Super Service Visit includes my  EASY AS Weight Loss Program with 6 months Angel membership.  


Check out my web site at Substitute health and you can see all the benefits of  my  Easy Weight Loss Solutions,  including memberships, and programs like  Easy As,  1 Month Weight Loss Lifestyle and my 3 Month Belly Fat Melting kit or  my Daily Party classes.

Best weight loss drink = Water, 6 - 8 glasses a day

I need a few weeks notice to schedule you in by email and then we will work it out.

Just click the link to email me or visit me at Substitute health

I’m Vangel Rizos Weight Loss Expert,  Specialist.

Founder of  Substitute Health

I’m here and ready to give you the ultimate weight loss service!

Apply now!

Personal Trainer, Specializing in Weight loss Home Visit, by Vangel

Personal Trainer, Specializing in Weight loss, Book Vangel WLE for a "Super Service Visit" in your home in Adelaide or I can visit anywhere in the world. Each session includes a free membership to my Health club online, Substitute Health just for overweight to teach you weight loss nutrition and weight loss exercises, suited to your current weight and age. My latest information based on the World Health weight loss guidelines for obese and overweight, learn how to do your weight loss exercises and follow your weight loss diet, at home.