It explains What Visceral Fat Does To The Body.  This is why many overweight people have large tummies that stick out.  It is not only the Fat on top of your abs, it is the fat around all your internal organs.   

I just want to add that if these obese people have had large tummies then they are also large for other reasons.  Such as larger internal organs,  if their tummies have been large for over 4 years then they have also developed larger food processing organs including the stomach, and the intestines etc.  Their tummies are also larger because they are use to eating large amounts of food and drink lots of non water drinks, much of this large amount of food and non water drink is held in the tummy area being processed over a 3 day processing period in their digestive system.  most between 10 -14 kilograms ( 20 – 30 pounds )  

Some one in their normal/healthy weight range only holds 4 – 6 kilos of food to be processed in their tummy digestive system. 

So large tummies are not Just FAT.


Reviewed by Vangel Rizos –  Weight Loss Expert

Here is a very good video from  – The Doctors,  a TV show from the USA. 


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