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If you have finished being on a weight loss journey with us or any one else that included Diet and Exercise and you have achieve a new weight you are happy with and want to stop losing weight, then you need a program to maintain your new weight and the Stability program is right for you. 


Its $65 to get you started by going through the Easy As diet and exercise program system,  and you also get the $10 per month Happiness membership for support.     Follow the stability program to stabilize your weight so it does not  “yo yo”  back on again.


How it works?    When you go back to  It takes time for your metabolism and digestive system to adjust to your new weigh,  so you have go back to eating a bit more food gradually  and exercising less gradually week by week, and once stability has been achieved then continue that level of dieting and exercise with our happiness membership support to maintain your weight for as long as you want to maintain your weight.  

Join the Stability Program $65 includes 1 month Angel membership