Here is a very good video showing what some people have done to eat less and exercise more,  trying to lose weight.  


 Take notice of the need for a support group at 10.23s,  and this is what our membership is,  it is your on-line support group.   Wow!   34.42 both diet and exercise is needed for weight loss.   The exercise energy amounts do not take into account the ” after burn effect ” of the calories burnt 12 hours after exercise and the raising of the BMI due to increase of muscle.    

The exercise requirements at 35.20 is not accurate, you need 60 – 90 minutes a day, every day. At 56.00 they talk about Stomach surgery and as you know I AM  DEAD AGAINST ANY STOMACH SURGERY OR LIPOSUCTION FOR WEIGHT LOSS  because most time the weight comes back on and due to complications like death.  

I know some one in here in Adelaide Australia, who was in his 40’s and died from stomach surgery,  I would prefer to edit this part of the video out,  but I can not edit section of this  video  out.   You can do it naturally, and you have to learn to do it naturally or the fat will come back regardless of surgery, so why do weight loss surgery?    

Vangel  Weight Loss Expert