Weight Loss surgery doctors are experts in surgery not diet and exercise.   Freak your doctor out when he explains to you how safe it is by asking him to promise this doesn’t happen to you and you do not lose any weight, then you are entitled to a refund,  and if you get complications then you can sue him for your losses,  and watch him pull our his  ” wavier form for you to sign so he is released of all responsibility ” .      

Here is an another excellent video from a brave lady,  with a testimonial of how terrible it is to have any type of stomach surgery.  

Don’t accept their marketing, hay in the 60’s doctors use to promote smoking, and ever since they have been promoting all types of pills,  foods and procedures including medical ones that help you lose more fat from your wallet then your hips.   I also blame the health insurance companies for the acceptance of stomach surgery in the community by allowing it to be claimable, this makes it look like an approved procedure.  

This girl is so young and had just a small amount of weight to lose, just like so many other young girls,  and they should be told that the only way is similar to my programs,  eat less and exercise more, to lose it in a few months,    and that surgery is not very successful,  painful,  takes years and could kill you.    

A problem I come across all the time is when stomach surgery patients come to me for weight loss exercises and they ask my if I know of any way to get the lap band removed cheaply,   or how to get their bypass reversed because they have changed their mind.    

Some got stomach surgery just to please their husband,  then sometimes their husband leaves them and they want to go back to normal,   or they are just sick of waiting years for it to work.   A band costs a lot more to remove than what it costs to put in if you have insurance and bypass is with you for life, that’s it!    Everyone changes their mind about things now and then.       

My Easy AS Weight Loss Program would have reduced her weight, so much easier,  with less stress and less cost in  3 – 6 months.    You notice some of the staff at the hospitals nurses, cleaners, doctors are fatter then the patients,  and none of the hospital staff have had stomach surgery,  does that not send out warning messages?  If find out the truth the staff at the hospital exercise and diet to lose weight, but they wont encourage you to do that, will they? why not?   Billions diet and exercise to lose weight every day and it works 100% of the time if  you do it right,  only few do surgery,   why?  It is so dangerous!!!  ……  

Reviewed by Vangel Rizos Founder of Substitute Health Club.com  Weight Loss Expert


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