Here is a very bad video from the 1960’s where a cigarette company had Doctors promoting their brand.


 I remember when they were played on Television.   


I wonder how much money the doctors received for being in that advertisement.   Television was mass distributed in the 1960’s and was the perfect way for good and bad products to use the power of advertising to market their products for a profit, regardless of what damage it does to your life.  

Governments had to step in to stop companies promoting dangerous products like cigarettes on Television and other media.  Governments  take time till they work out what needs to be done to protect the public from big business with which has lots of money,  power and these days some an unregulated media like the internet.  

Dangerous products will always be promoted to us,  like alcohol,  gambling,  fattening high calorie foods, useless weight loss products and weight loss surgery,  we should learn the truth and be able to stop being influenced by marketing of  personalities like doctors,  sports people, celebrities and other marketing.  so you learn to enjoy life.  

The first step towards stopping people thinking stomach surgery is an acceptable way to lose weight is for the governments to stop the health insurance companies  giving a rebate.  ………  

Vangel Founder Substitute Health   Weight Loss Expert.