(2)  The main problem is in the title, as you can read it promises weight loss so I believe it is intended for people with weight to lose,  so over weight people might  try this only to be disappointed at how hard it is to do.   The title also states it is for beginners,  however this class would be very difficult to do for some one who is a beginner and overweight and not exercised for over 2 years  regularly.  It also does not mention calorie reduction and this routine cannot deliver any real weight loss unless other things are also followed as per the World Health Guidelines,  such as  (1) reducing your calorie intake, to under your expenditure  (2) doing exercise 60 – 90 minutes every day till weight loss is achieved,  and (3) to lose about 2 pounds (1 kilo) per week,  etc.      

(3) The title is ” Lose Weight Fast ”  but why is there no mention of how much weight you will lose,  20 pounds, 40 pounds 80 pounds 150 pounds 200 pounds,   or  how long it will take to lose it?  

(4)  There is no mention of what range of excess weight you should be to benefit from this routine,  or who it would be suitable for,  so if you were 150 pounds overweight and a female over 65 years of age,   would this routine be okay for you?  No mention of how much weight you would expect to lose and how long it will take or maintenance.  

 All important information for some one who is over weight and wants to lose weight. 

Here is a video with many problems,  mainly in their classification.   There are many  WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISES videos on the internet which have similar problems.  These problems are also common in gyms,  health and fitness centers.  

(1)  The instructor has claims it to be used to   ”  lose weight fast “, but it is too hard for overweight and obese.    


(5) It is called beginners but it is to hard for beginners,  even without the hand weights,  ( fitness instructors these days are obsessed with using gym equipment and hand weights with every exercise they do when it puts extra strain on joints for the obese and overweight unnecessarily )  so inviting beginners to do this routine, and promising weight loss will lead to many disappointed overweight people and injuries.  

I believe this routine is for girls similar to her,  in size and experience, (fit, and already in their normal weight range, that don’t need to lose weight )   just like hundreds of fitness instructors I have seen on video and employed,  she is doing it mainly to benefit herself, so does she really know how to put together a routine for beginners that are over weight?     I have looked at many of her routines over the years,  and they seem great for girls  under 30 years of age and already in their normal healthy weight range,  that have exercised for months or years before,  and don’t need to lose weight, but want to lose a bit  of fat, maybe 1 pound, ( if you are already fit, you can do this every day for 3 months and you might lose 0 – 1 pound of weight,  it’s still weight loss isn’t it ?  ) maintain muscle tone and increase fitness.

I could put hundreds of examples of videos with the same problem on this site,  all with similar problems,  fitness instructors claiming their routine good for weight loss.  However not giving any extra information about what age, weight and gender the routine would be suitable for.  Not just videos,  I have visited hundreds of fitness centres around the world and found the same problem, fitness instructors can not give an effective exercise routine for weight loss with proper weight loss diet advice.  The most common exercise that is given by instructors is  cardio,  on a treadmill, walk outside or go on a bike.  This is very basic advice and not suitable or effective in weight loss, without considering all the other elements of weight loss including more suitable exercise, diet and habit builders. It proves to me that people who give this sort of vague advice, just do not know how to help overweight and obese lose weight.        

 I tried this routine myself,  and I found it very hard to do as a fitness instructor and professional dancer for over 30 years,  my advice is try it if you are game,  and I believe it will suite our members only in excess weight group 7  women under 45 years of age and men in group 6 and group 7 any age, and only after you have done my routines for 4 weeks or exercised before.   Burn about 800 calories an hour.    A very hard workout for fit, and experienced people but still not a substitute to my routines.  A challenging addition to add some difficulty to your weight loss journey.       

by Vangel Rizos WLE   Weight Loss Expert.  Founder of Substitute Health Club.com