Here is an excellent video from a brave lady,  with a testimonial of how terrible it is to have any type of stomach surgery.  



There are many more on the internet, just look up ” weight loss stomach surgery problems or failures”. 

I have seen so many people like Lisa who are to embarrassed to come on camera.  Thank you Lisa.  

Weight Loss surgery doctors are experts in surgery not diet and exercise.   Some people think that the medical recommendation is the best advice, however a weight loss surgeon is not an exercise expert and a person who needs to  lose weight needs exercises that will work for them.  

Athletes do not go to their doctors for exercises to improve their sporting performance they go to their exercise sporting knowledgeable coach.  Obesity is not a medical condition, it causes medical conditions.   becoming obese is a lifestyle issue and you need to find ways to eat less, and exercise more,  and some doctors can not give out the right lifestyle recommendations, because they are not an expert in weight loss exercise.   Some people do what ever their doctor says, regardless of the cost or their impact to their health,  I bet if a doctor told a person to smoke cigarettes to lose weight then the person would do it. 

Weight loss surgeons or their recommended exercise or physiotherapist experts can not give you an exercise routine to guarantee you lose weight, and nothing as good as the weight loss exercise routine in my programs.  I hate hearing about the pain people go through just because they have not been told the truth of how bad this surgery is.    

My Easy AS Weight Loss  program would have reduced her weight, so much easier, with in 6 moths with less stress, less health risks,  and less cost.          I am dead set against  stomach surgery, and it will be a huge step forward for weight loss if this treatment was stopped.    

Reviewed by Vangel by Weight Loss Expert, Founder of  Substitute Health


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