This is another reason why in America and other English speaking countries, there are still over 50% of the population overweight and obese. While some other countries like China the overweight rate is under 10%.    Doctors should only be helping overweight and obese people with the right information of a reduced calorie balanced diet and weight loss exercise as per the world health guidelines for 60 – 90 minutes every day,   not promoting bogus,  unproven rubbish that does not work 100% of the time.

The best video I have ever seen on WEIGHT LOSS PILLS that have been promoted by money hungry Doctors and big businesses.

Well done! Thank you for showing America, and the world, how these money hungry marketers are using what ever avenue they can, either the magic of the internet,   TV or the Doctors credibility to take advantage of poor overweight and obese people who just want some honest help, with their unhealthy weight problem.
Take away his qualifications, and put him in jail, this is a fraud, and he has defrauded millions.  Only then will other doctors stop doing this!  I remember back in the 1960’s when cigarette companies paid doctors to promote camel cigarettes on TV commercials, it is another video on this site.
Many ask me, why would a doctor do such a money grabbing dishonest thing.
Then I ask them:
Why would you encourage your child to become a doctor?
Why would you look favorably at your child marrying a Doctor?
Is it to help poor sick people or to make lots of money?
For some people that love money, no matter how much they make they never have enough money.
Growing up in the 80’s I have seen lots of examples of greed.  Some movies even glorify it, ” Wall Street”  but you must remember GREED is a sin.
God made GREED  a sin for a reason,  and its because Greed will  always show up on your personality.
Other good doctors have to pick up the pieces made from the damage that Doctors like Doctor Oz. makes.
Reviewed By Vangel Rizos Weight loss expert.

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