There are hundreds of blogs, videos and statistics,  just like this on the internet, just look up ” weight loss stomach surgery problems or failures”.  I have seen so many people with stomach surgery problems and failures, just like her,  who are to embarrassed to come on camera.   




Here is an excellent video from a brave lady,  with a testimonial of how terrible it is to have any type of stomach surgery. 


Weight Loss surgery doctors are experts in surgery ( cutting people up) not in weight loss (low calorie diet,  Weight loss exercise programming, habit modification and weekly compliance of program counselling) .   They can not give you an exercise routine to guarantee you lose weight, and no exercises  as good as the weight loss exercise routine in my programs.

Seeing there have been so many deaths from this procedure, I also blame the health insurance companies and the Governments for allowing stomach surgery to be claimable against health cover.  This makes it look like an approved procedure,  this has only added to their membership numbers and profits.   I believer the stomach surgery is even worst then cosmetic surgery like boob jobs, or nose jobs, or a face lift, because it uses surgery to improve your appearance, you need surgery for some cosmetic surgery because you can not increase or decrease your boobs naturally,  and you can not reduce your nose naturally, you can not reduce the loose skin over a face naturally however you can lose weight naturally.  

Obese people think that their problem is that they have a bigger appetite to others, and that they are also more hungry then others and that this is caused by an uncontrollable stomach.    They think if they have a “tool” like surgery, to alter their stomach and make their stomach smaller or no stomach at all that they will not control hunger and they will not want  to eat so much.

Wrong,  after any stomach surgery,  you will still feel hungry even after gastric bypass.  Your  stomach is not the only thing in your body that makes you hungry, and gives you cravings,  makes you eat lots of food, drink and calories.

Let me give you an example of another organ that also effects your apatite, that is your large intestine.  Next time have a big meal and feel full, and then, if you go to the toilet straight after and have  a big dump ( Australian for poo) you will notice you have an empty feeling in your stomach.     That should prove to you that  your large intestine  has given you the increase in apatite,  because you just emptied out 1 or 2 kilos of poo, and there you are that will prove that your large intestine has made you feel empty and feel like  eating again.

Another important fact to consider is that a normal stomach will take  2 hours to digest food ( I have a video on how the digestive system works on this site) and move it on to your small intestine and if your stomach in its normal state and if it is full might still want you to eat more, especially if you just went to the toilet.  So if you have had stomach surgery you will still feel hungry even if you have a small or no stomach.

Another proof that your stomach is not the only thing that tells you  ”  hay I am empty fill me up ”  is that I am sure  that first thing in the morning when you get out of bed, you do not feel super hungry, for an hour or 2, however you have had no food in your stomach for 6 hours or more.   Your stomach has been empty and it  should feel very, very  empty and hungry,  but you do not feel hungry. How can that be?

See it is not just your stomach it is all your digestive system that is larger then some one of a normal weight range and will take 1 to 5 years to reduce in size.  You will feel hungry after surgery and if you give in to your hunger then the weight will come back on, surgery or not.

Many things make you feel hungry, your other senses including your smell, taste,  and what you see,    and many other organs in your digestive system.  Even stress,   if your stomach has been altered by surgery, get ready for very high stress. Many people get hungry when they are stressed out, and if you can not eat properly due to stomach surgery then you will give your self a break down.

Also stomach surgery  might make it hard for you to get calories from food but I have seen many stomach surgery patients not lose weight because they did not have a food problem to start with.  They had a drinking problem  soda,  wine, beer,  etc.  Stomach surgery will not stop calories being absorbed by what you drink.

If you have stomach surgery and try hard to lose weight your metabolism will drop and make it very hard for you to lose weight.  So to speed up your metabolism you will have to exercise because that increases metabolism better and higher then any other way. So why don’t you just eat less now and also exercise with my Easy As program and avoid the risks.


My Easy As Weight Loss Program should have been her choice to help her lose weight,  it would have been  reduced her weight, so much easier,  with less stress and less cost every time if you follow it properly.   Is it not funny that the staff at all normal general hospitals nurses, cleaners, doctors are fatter then the patients, wanting stomach surgery,  

Many of the public hospital staff are overweight and obese, however hardly any have stomach surgery,  does that not send out warning messages?  

If you ask the obese and overweight hospital staff what they do to control their weight they will all say diet and  exercise,  except the ones working for the stomach surgeons. 

Reviewed by Vangel Rizos – Weight Loss Expert,  

Founder of Substitute Health Club. com – a proper  substitute  to weight loss surgery


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