She tries to explain a few issues including the terminology of a  “fat burning zone”.    Great,

… however a better distinction should be made about  weight management and also weight loss.    All of the people in the video are in their normal weight range and the fat burning zone is different as you have more excess weight.

She also states that to burn the most calories that ” May be “ a mixture of low, medium and high intensity exercise is best as it burns the most calories,   I believe when people use he words ” may be” or sort of, or some times, or normally,  shows me that they are not sure about the information they are talking about.

They do not say what overweight range this information is for, so once again it sounds like to me that it is advice for those already in their normal weight range, young and able,   who want to reduce their body fat percentage.

As I say in all of my information,  if you are obese and overweight,  do not go hard, or high intensity with exercise as this will cause problems.   It is better to go slow and lift your heart rate by a small amount and do that for 5 – 25 minutes.   I am also disappointed that she just seems to be promoting exercising in a gym, and on gym equipment, however this is normal with fitness instructors these days,  they rely on gym equipment to do the work and can not use their imagination to find substitute exercises to get the better results without gym machines. Gym equipment limits where you can exercise and you should not limit where you can exercise, or you will exercise less.      Apart from that,  it is a good video.


Reviewed by Vangel Rizos Weight Loss Exercise.  Founder of Substitute Health