80% of gym members use their membership less then once a week that’s not enough to get fit, keep fit, or even lose weight.   Only 5% of the population in English speaking countries attend gyms more then 4 times a week, which is whats needed to improve your body and keep healthy.  It’s just to inconvenient for most of us.

Even home gym equipment like treadmills are not the right thing to use because they are inconvenient, so people don’t use them every day.  Once they buy them the novelty wears off,  for many reasons like you have to lock yourself away in a room and do the same exercise over and over for hours it is boring.


She is totally right when she explains that dancing is the best exercise. However many can not dance,  they have no rhythm,  and it is seen not to be a macho man thing to do.  So if you can not dance for fitness, and weight loss try simple exercises every day, spread out throughout your day like sit ups and push ups,  walks, or stair climbing.  If your overweight or obese,  join the Easy AS Weight loss program on this site, or for more free exercises variety check out some of the videos from YouTube I have selected for this site.

Here is a great Video from Ellen DeGeneres explains why so many people find gyms a waste of money and time trying to get fit or lose weight.

Many get the impression that you can only exercise with machines,  this is how they advertise exercise to us, one of the reason they promote this is so they can sell more machines and make more money.  Who would have ever thought a machine to let you walk would be so popular.   What a waste of materials, pollution to make the machine, destroying the atmosphere with carbon to run the electricity to operate the treadmill walking machine.

These machines are mostly made in China. So the Chinese factories run by people with the lowest obesity rate in the world, under 10% ( that hardly use these gym machines them self) market machines that they say makes exercise better, it is crazy.

Imagine what the factory workers in those treadmill factories in China think when they find out that people in the west,  actually drive to the gym to walk on a treadmill walking machine, mostly to burn off the excess food they eat. 

If you keep renewing your gym membership year after year and don’t go every day,  Cancel it and stop looking like a fool to the gym owner.

We love being sold stuff that does not work, over and over and over again, to benefit the economy of other countries, with little benefit to our self.  It looks all fancy with bells and whistles but there are better ways, like push ups, sit ups, simple exercises videos for free on YouTube, play a sport, or walking outside,  on the beach, with the kids, in the house, at work, (and get paid by your boss to walk) or even better for cardio is Dance.

Ellen, dances every day on her show. most cultures of the world dance.   If you danced every day for 1/2 an hour or more then your health will improve and it’s the best exercise for health, and weight loss.    Any age,  any weight,  and do it at home behind close doors if you feel a bit silly.

Dancing is the best weight loss exercise in the world and the one of the most effective for weight loss at 600 calories per hour,  its free and you don’t need special cloths or shoes. Do it in your stilettos if you want,  that’s what they do in the night clubs every Saturday night.  Nothing to buy and you look sexy doing it.

Use your arms while you dance and soon you will have a dancers body which is the best looking bodies. Don’t just run or walk to lose weight,  have you ever seen a marathon runners body, (not a sprinters body) no thanks.  Dancing uses all the muscles in your body,  at the same time,   the upper body and the core as well and your legs.  Everyone knows dancers have the best looking bodies, people pay lots of money just to watch dancers, as they move their well defined bodies,  there is nothing better.

Dance every day for 30 – 90 minutes a day, and if you can not find some music to play to dance to, then just sign a song to yourself in your head.  If you need a partner or a reflection of yourself to dance with, well that’s easy,  just use a light in your background to make a shadow on the wall,  and dance with your own shadow,  in boxing it is called shadow boxing.

Gyms use to run lots of dance type rhythm classes, broadly grouped in the Aerobic category, now gyms  are for people who can not dance, or that want to be body builders!

Gyms have failed to nail weight loss,  the weight loss rate around the world has not changed since the popularity of gyms started back in the 70’s its time to find a way that works.

A better club.  This is it, its Substitute Health Club.com 

Statistics show less then 10% of the population attend gyms regularly, so if you have worked out that gyms are not suitable for you and are wasting your time and money but still want to renew at your local gym due to some strange reason, then  don’t,   join this club instead, even just for a few months,  and give the balance of what you would have paid in old gym fees,  to a charity.

Let me help you get the body of your dreams.


Reviewed by Vangel Rizos Founder Substitute Health Club.com

Weight Loss Expert.  


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