Registered Dietician, Alyse Levine  talks about Portion Control,  being the ” Number one Most effective tool for long term weight Loss”  Well portion control will not work without the rest of the 6 elements of my weight loss equation. Such as ensuring there is a deficit in the total calorie intake against the calorie output, with  a daily weight loss exercise plan.  Just reducing portions and reducing calories,  will cause your metabolisum to slow down to match your new Portion Controlled calorie reduced eating  diet so it will not work long term, and you will stop losing weight.

However it will be effective with my weight loss exercise routines as I recommend in my programs like my Easy AS weight loss program, try it or try the free sample, NOW. it only takes 5 minutes to join.

Here is a video on Portion Control,  The main message is how much food and drink adds up to 1200 calories.  


She mentioned all the foods you need portion control,  ” fresh fruit, pasta, meat etc” its essential, yes how ever it is not essential for low calorie foods like green vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.

Then she adds eating to much  ” healthy foods “ at 20 seconds, is not good for weight loss,  well all food is healthy if eaten in moderation,  but  I feel she is mixing up the message that all healthy foods are high in calories and should be eaten with portion control, so you do not consume to many calories.

Well not clear enough.  I read this that even to many low calorie food should be eaten with portion control and this is not right.  If you are hungry and can eat lots of low calorie,  Green Vegetables, peas, beans, or tomatoes, strawberries, pears, to fill you up not increase your calorie intake by much and exercise to control it you will continue to lose weight.

Then she talks about meal portions on a plate, which is great.  However the rest of the weight loss equation should also be mentioned when ever some one talks about weight loss,  example,  snacks,  drinks, exercise time, how much weight to lose per day.

The trick on snack bags was poor,  people should snack on low calorie vegetables, black coffee or tea, with no milk and fruit for snacks.

She forgot to mention the intake of fluid should be 6 – 8 glasses of water, or my diet lemon drink.    

This was a government sponsored message.  This type of message is why people do not get good weight loss advice and information from the governments.



Reviewed Vangel Rizos Founder Substitute Health   Weight Loss Expert.  


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