However if you do not lose 100 grams a day with 20 minutes a day of exercise, then you should increase the time you exercise by 10 minutes every 2 or 3 days till you reach 60 to 90 minutes a day (which is also the time recommended by the World Health Weight loss guidelines for obese and overweight)  and reduce your food intake till you achieve a good steady rate of weight loss of about 100 grams a day average over 4 days.

This slow increase of exercise time is how I also suggest to start in my Easy As program, start at two,  10 minute sessions a day then extend the time as you get stronger and fitter, to burn more calories and lose  weight at a steady daily pace.

They talk about the need for programs that you can do at home because she has no time to go the the gym, so they are talking about a program  just like my Easy AS program.    

I disagree with his generalization of being leaner as you get older, you should be lean throughout your life unless you are involved is a sport that requires big muscles, like Body Building.    Arnold agrees to exercise at home with simple exercise. Even though this was filmed in 1979 with a few problems that she needs help with, that are still problems today for many people trying to lose weight and stay in shape.    

If you want help with a customized weight loss program to do at home and have problems losing weight then I recommend you try my Easy As Weight loss program.   buy it from the links in this site or try the free sample.  

Reviewed by Vangel Rizos WLE, Weight Loss Expert.  

Here is a good video with Arnold.  


20 minutes a day is great to maintain your physical condition and maintain your weight, it will not help you lose weight.   If you are overweight or obese then 20 minutes a day is a good amount of time to start with and if you can not do 20 minutes in one long session because you get to tiered then split it up into 2 10 minute sessions, 10 in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.


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