The most important points explained in this video is

(1)  How long food stays in your body, being digested  30  to  50 hours.

(2)  How many parts of your body (not just your stomach) tells you that you need more food, all the parts of your digestive system, and other parts like your nose.

(3) How many parts of your bodies digestive system that holds and processes many kilos of food between 6 to 12 kilos,  ( 12 to 25 pounds ) for many hours, such as your liver, small intestine, large intestine,  and if they are empty of food they also tells you that you are hungry and to eat more.

The reason this is so important is that many Diet products and services,  say they

“fill your stomach to help you feel full sooner”,

“restrict the food that goes in your stomach”  so you can prevent filling your stomach with food and eating to much food, and not feel hungry, because the stomach takes a long time to tell your brain your full.

This is all miss information.

However from this video we see that  the food stays in your stomach for a few minutes and up to 4 hours maximum, depending how much work it needs to move it on and after that it is empty, and yes you might feel a bit hungry.

However more important is that the excess food dose not turn into energy (fat) in the stomach,  it turns into energy and fat in the small intestine and that is 7 meters ( 25 feet) long and the food stays there for over 6 hours and the same for the 1.5 meter ( 6 foot ) large intestine.  If the small intestine or the large intestine is empty of food you will also feel hungry.

So stomach manipulation methods of pills and powders and stomach surgery that control the stomach does very little to stop you feeling hungry and nothing to stop your excess food turn into fat.

If you the stomach manipulation methods think they can stop you consuming excess calories then they can not because one of the biggest problems of excess calorie consumption is  non water drinks or soft foods,  (milk, ice cream, yogurt, alcohol, wine, coffee, soda, juice, soups )  these will not be restricted into the digestive system unless you cut off your arms.

Fat is not made in your stomach it is made in your in your small and large intestine, while it is there for around 10 hours,  so if you don’t want your body to make fat, then forget manipulating the stomach, the stomach is just like the petrol tank in your car, which holds and processes solid foods that take 2 – 4 hours to be softened to be moved to the small intestine (this is the engine and where the food and drink is sent to the rest of your body and to your muscles to be burnt off)  that is where the nutrients of the food are used and burn off or stored as fat for later.  Soft foods and drinks only take minutes to move from the stomach to the small intestine.

If you want your body to stop creating fat then remove the small and large intestine.

All doctors know this theory.


Reviewed Vangel Rizos Founder Substitute Health   Weight Loss Expert.

Here is a very good video from the Zoomin TV , that will help you understand how you digest food, and how your body tells you are hungry.  


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