Here is a very good video with some of the many problems that females find in the gym,  or a health and fitness center.  

Some men join gyms and fitness centers not just to exercise they also join to socialize and  look at females at the same time.  I have seen some men these days wear sunglasses in the gym just so they do not get noticed while they are looking at girls as they exercise.  



This is very embarrassing for females and you must take steps to stop this happening to you.    If you feel embarrassed by the attention of men in the gym or even going for a walk outside then here are a few tips to help you concentrate on your exercise.  

Tip 1  Wear sporting clothing with a  skirt or shorts, with thick stockings under (not see through stockings),  or lose  track suite pants, not just a  body hugging bottom stocking.   Body hugging bottom leotards are an attention grabber, and can be a real talking point if you are overweight or obese.      

 Tip 2  Wear a high cut top with a sports bra.  

Tip 3  Do not wear makeup.    

Tip 4   Go to the gym with a friend.  

 Tip 5   If  a man talks to you or is stalking you,  and  you find him to be creeping then report them to the gym front desk.

This is such a common problem in gyms that these days good gyms keep a report on these creepers and this report will help the gym keep a record of the creepers actions and harassment so they can take the appropriate action and together with the authorities remind the client of the rules of the gym.   Due to problems like this in gyms, many people female and men, become to embarrassed to go to gyms, so I recommend people to exercise at home.    

At gyms, after you paid your joining fee it is up to you to make the most of it, it is up to you to get motivated, it is up to you to turn up,  it is up to lose weight, it is up to you to control others around you,  it is up to you to find a diet that works,  it is up to you to  control your diet, and keep enjoying the right amount of all foods.    

Reviewed by Vangel Rizos WLE Founder Substitute Health   Weight Loss Expert.  


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