5 Easy AS 2 +5 weight loss formula medicine

Video 5 Easy AS weight loss program. 2 + 5 weight loss formula, medicine. 2 fruit every day, and 5 vegetables every day, veggies before you each your meal. wait 10 – 20 minutes then eat the smallest amount you can of your normal food with the rest of the family, or what you would normally eat. do your routine 2 times a day for minimum of 5 minutes. or 5 times a day for minimum of 2 minutes.


5 Easy AS part 4 Invisible Weight Loss Exercises

Video 5 Easy AS weight loss program. Part 4 Invisible weight loss exercises. Exercises others will not notice you are doing. Great for those breaks in the day when you have some spare time, and you want to lose weight faster. Do them at work, or while being a passenger in a car. Do a few minutes every day. Set reminders on your smart phone every 2 – 4 hours to remind your self. Be more productive, the more you do the faster you will finish this program.