10 Signs You Are A Gym Creeper – Reviewed by Vangel Rizos

Here is a very good video with some of the many problems that females find in the gym, or a health and fitness center. Most men exercise in gyms to look at females and this is very embarrassing for females. If you feel embarrassed by the attention of men in the gym or even going for a walk outside then here are a few tips to help you concentrate on your exercise. Tip 1 Wear sporting clothing with a skirt or shorts, with stockings, or loose, track suite pants, not body hugging. ….. Vangel Founder Substitute Health Club.com Weight Loss Expert.


Lose Weight Fast Beginner Workout #1 of 12 review

Here is a video with many problems, mainly in their classification. There are many WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISES videos on the internet which have similar problems. These problems are also common in gyms, health and fitness centers.

(1) The instructor has claimed this video to be used to ” lose weight fast “, but this routine is too hard for overweight and obese. …. Vangel Founder of Substitute health club.com Weight Loss Expert


Stretch, Full 30-Minute Stretching, Flexibility Routine: Stretch, Rest and Relax – review by Vangel WLE

Here is a very good video teaching you a Full body Stretches. Some of these movements like the one in the photo is very difficult so leave any that you can not do. Burn about 100 calories an hour, Suitable for all Groups of excess weight and at any age. …. Vangel Weight Loss Expert, founder Substitute Health Club.com