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Designed for obese and overweight people, it helps you lose weight online, and also helps you look great or reduce your obesity related health issues, including, Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon), High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Stroke, Liver and Gallbladder, Sleep apnea, Breathing problems, Osteoarthritis,  Infertility.

SUPPORT –  My Angel membership gives you Support to keeping you on track while you are trying to lose your excess weight, with regular contact from us.  Use it with the combination of one of my Weight Loss Programs like my Easy AS weight loss programs or use it with one of your own diet and exercise programs.

The rate of weight loss should I recommend is about about 2 – 4 pounds ( 1 – 2 kilos) a week, so losing weight will take time,  normally a few months.  During this time things are bound to happen to interrupt  your weight loss plan and your daily routine,  and my Angel membership is designed with this in mind to help you get back on track.  Interruptions that our members have experienced while on their Angel Membership include birthdays, sickness, weddings, work, study, parents. kids and holidays. It’s designed not only to help you use your program during these interruptions but also gets you back on track smoothly, with support and reminders, when you need it.

As you progress through your weight loss program you will have personal weight loss questions  about some of your weight loss issues, such as what exercises to substitute for others,  what to do about sore muscles,  what foods you can substitute,  or if you can include something that I have not covered in my other weight loss information in my Substitute Health Club.   With this membership you can ask these questions once a week free and, any extra questions during the week are at a discounted members consultation fee rate of $10.

The Angel membership  is just $25 paid monthly. If you are not sure which weight loss program to use with the Angel Membership,   then I would recommend you try my most popular,  program,  called Easy AS, it is a 10 part video weight loss program customized to your weight, age and gender.  get it now and receive a free month of Angel membership to get you started, or try the free Trial, Sample.

With Easy AS weight loss programs, your renewal of the Angel membership will be locked in at the discounted rate of $20 per month if you still need my membership support to continue using your Easy AS weight loss program. I am so confident that Easy AS Weight Loss 10 part video programs will work, at helping you eat less and exercise more to create a deficit for long term easy weight loss.

Many of my previous members have tried to lose weight before with methods that are not suited to their personal condition,  and because they failed, they now believe that they can not lose weight with any combination of diet and exercise, some have even been told by so called experts that they can never lose weight,  with diet and exercise.  You have not failed to lose weight it was the method that you used that failed.

This is why I offer a Free Sample of the Easy AS weight loss programs, and after just a few days,  it will prove to you that you can  lose weight and keep it off with my proper customized weight loss program, suited to your age, weight and gender,  So try it!


Some of the perks of being a member also include:

  • A free live Party weight loss Class show weekly ( valued at $15 per class) meaning no Gym visits

  • Support with compassion

  • Members Dashboard for recording your progress

  • We monitor your progress daily

  • Send you reminders if you get off track

  • Members only How to information area

  • We can report to your Doctor

  • 1 personal weight loss question answered each week free(valued at $20per question)

Join the Angel Membership $25 per month

What my members say

With 25 years of experience in gyms, consulting the obese and overweight members

  • Hi,  I am Caroline, once I was 166 pounds, (81kg) Overweight, I found Substitute health club. com, Vangel made it so easy for me. I did not even think it would work but  it did, I lost weight, I am so happy, I do my routine, every day,  even my doctor is very happy,  no one knows more about obesity and overweight  then Vangel, I tried the gyms, but they did not care if I lost weight or not! doing it at home is much easier.  
    Caroline from the United Kingdom
    On Easy As, with Angel membership
  • Look,  I know I still have a lot of work to do, but now knowing how easy it is, I truly believe  I can get this done,  easily.  It was easy for me to get started with a free sample, and I was put into Group 2.  Even my doctors is impressed with me,  my blood pressure is down and I feel so full of energy,  and happy these days.  I do my special routine twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  For about 15 minutes.  I might also do an extra one at night.
    James from Canada
    Easy AS program started at Group 2, with Angel membership
  • My problem was I could not stop eating, I love food, don’t you?  I would be picking every hour.   Now I can better control my hunger.    Thanks for the free sample program.     I lost my excess weight just with that and it was free.  It’s true what they say the best things in life are free.
    Sandra from the USA.
    Easy AS Free sample Program, Group 7. 1 week of the Angel Membership
  • I was 42 kilo grams overweight,   I was not happy,   I was dieting for years, and I eat the same as my skinny friends but I could not find ways to eat less food. I needed a better way to do it.  There are no gyms close to us.  Then I found Substitute  Health  online,  and Vangel, he made it so easy for me to start with a free Sample Easy AS program.  I was put into group 4,  I liked it so I bought the full Easy AS program, after 3 weeks I wanted more help so then I joined the 3 Month Belly fat melting kit. I did it !  ( translated from Chinese, mandarin)
    Wang Li from China.
    3 month Belly Fat Melting kit member.
  • I wanted to find a weight loss program others could not tell I was doing.  I did not want the rest of my family or relatives to know I was trying to lose weight.  Finally I found Substitute  Health  and Vangel,  Doing it at home is so much easier,  you use all your Own foods, all natural,  more fruit Vegetables and salads, and with Vangel’s special exercise plan he selected just for me ... ( translated from Hindi Indian )
    Amina from India
    Easy As Group 4 member. With Angel membership for 4 months
  • Hello my name is Barahan,  from Egypt,  I am happy to tell every one about this great weight loss program called Easy As, Vangel at substitute health on the internet,  from Australia I had to find a way to lose weight at home,  without interrupting my family life,  and with the foods I normally eat.  I started with the FREE,  Seated Fat Burner program and then I purchased the Easy AS program. This program is just such a great thing, and it seems like Vangel, understands and respects my traditional lifestyle.   ( translated from Arabic)
    Barahan from Egypt
    Easy AS program, Group 3 with Angel membership

Weight loss innovation with understanding

I have the right substitutes of diet, weight loss exercise and new habits, to get you the best possible results

Vangel, Weight Loss Expert

Referred to by many as their Weight Loss Angel. My 30 years of experience consulting with obese and overweight clients has provided me with the knowledge to select the right substitutes of diet, exercise and habits to develop the right combination, effective in achieving sustainable long term weight loss, naturally. View details

Obese and overweight, client Support

Feel free to email me with any questions regarding my programs or website in general. Personal weight loss related questions will be answered based on your membership.  Non- members personal weight loss related questions are charged a $20 consultation fee.

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The Substitute Health Club Vision

Currently in 2014 the amount of obese and overweight people in the English speaking world is about 50% of the population, so I hope to reduce this by half,  by 2020.  Join and help me in my mission.

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Customized Weight loss Program

Lose weight now with  “EASY AS”, Weight Loss video program includes my Yummy diet and an easy weight loss exercises video routine,  customized to your current weight, age, and gender. It’s customized to work by creating a deficit in energy in and energy out.  Just $65, or try the FREE sample!

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