Lose Weight Fast Beginner Workout #1 of 12 review

Here is a video with many problems, mainly in their classification. There are many WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISES videos on the internet which have similar problems. These problems are also common in gyms, health and fitness centers.

(1) The instructor has claimed this video to be used to ” lose weight fast “, but this routine is too hard for overweight and obese. …. Vangel Founder of Substitute health club.com Weight Loss Expert


More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette

Here is a very bad video from the 1960’s where a cigarette company had Doctors promoting their brand. I remember when they were played on Television. I wonder how much money the doctors received for being in that advertisement. ….. Vangel Founder Substitute Health Club.com Weight Loss Expert.


Vaganova Ballet Academy

Here is a good video teaching you how some great exercises so you can do to train like this top rate Russian Vaganova Ballet Academy. Some of these movements are very difficult so leave any that you can not do – Review by Vangel WLE


Greek Dancing – Kalamatiano

Here is a good video teaching you the most popular Greek dance called the Kalamatiano. You can do it on your own but keep your arms up. Get ready to burn about 500 calories an hour, so do it over and over till you get it right. …. Dancers have the best bodies! – Vangel WLE


C pop Hot hits 2012 – 2013 華語流行音樂合輯

Here is few of the latest Chinese pop songs to exercise to. Dance to these songs every day for extra exercise, or use these songs for background while doing the routine I gave you. Still do my routine as I recommend…….. Dancers have the best bodies! – Vangel WLE