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What cloths should I wear while doing my Weight Loss Exercise routine ?

What ever is comfortable.  It is better if your cloths are loose and not tight so you do not damage your cloths and not tight around your neck.  Some clients wear what ever they have got on,  if doing your routine in the morning as soon as you get out of bed then wear your bed cloths or your underwear.  You don’t have to wear sports shoes,   bare foot is OK.

Will I lose more weight if I sweat more during exercise ?

No.  the amount of you sweat is not related to the amount of weight you lose.  You lose more weight with exercise the longer  you huff and puff or in exercise terms,  the longer  you keep your heart rate in the weight loss ( aerobic training ) range each day, 7 days a week.  The way to tell if you have had a good weight loss exercise session, try to recreate the feeling you have after you climb a few flights of stairs.  When you can not climb any more stairs, you might not be in a pool of sweat but your heart and lungs will be huffing and puffing fast as you catch your breath,  that’s the weight loss zone for you.   So exercise in a cool place and if you don’t sweat much don’t worry.  How ever if you don’t huff and puff much then do my weight loss exercises for longer till you do,  and stay in that weight loss exercise zone for 5 – 10 minutes,  2 or 3 times a day, or more  7 days a week with a calorie reduced balanced diet like mine yummy diet till you start loosing weight.   If you can do this your self great, however if you need some one to support you then join my Angel membership.

You say " after you eat your weight loss medicine then have some normal food " but have the least amount that you can" but how much less, is OK?

Try and start with 1/2 or less,  of the normal food and non water drinks you use to have before. Then if you are still not losing about 100 grams ( 2 oz) a day average,   then cut it down by another 10%  – 20%  again till you are happy with of the amount of weight you are losing each day.  If you are trying very hard to loose weight, and you just eat your weight loss medicine, for a few meals a day, this will be OK as well,  until you get in your normal weight range.

How many calories a day do you alow on your diet ?

As my Easy AS video says, there is no counting of calories.   I do not have calorie counting in my programs and if I did it would be different for every one,  and it can never be accurate so why do it, there is no point to doing it.  Counting calories is the least effective weight loss process you can do while loosing weight.

Some times I feel to tiered to exercise, how can you help me with this ?

This is normal for even the professional exercise person and athlete.  I have exercises you can even do when you are tiered.  While on my programs it is OK to have a break for half a day, or even a whole day,   now and then but try not to do this for more than once a week unless you are on target to reach your goal weight.  Steady consistent weight loss, every day  is what is easier to achieve for long-term sustainable results.

You say you can have the food you normally eat and from your culture, how ever I have take out and cake ?

Yes you can have take-out and cake,  I do every day and 80% of my clients do, with control, and the least amount we can bear to satisfy our old eating habits.  My yummy weight loss diet, plan is on a video, in the Easy As Free Sample program,   and explains how to have your  vegetables and salad  ( weight loss medicine)  first,  then have your normal food, ( if you use to eat take out and cake ) however it must be less than what you normally would eat, say half.   So if you have take-out pizza for dinner,   you can follow my 1,2,3,4 habit builder,  and start with (1)  a glass of water, (2)  eat 2 – 4 servings of Salad and vegetables then wait 10 – 20 minutes,   (3) do 10 reps of one of my weight loss exercises,  (4)  then you can have half or less of the amount of pizza that you use to have, that with the rest of the family.   Then wait for another 20 minutes or long er to have an other glass of water.  Then do the same next time for your snack,  and  repeat the process with your next meal.

Where can I find other weight loss exercises to do on video ?

In my program videos, its OK to do other types of extra exercise, but if you are on my programs, you still have to do my weight loss exercise routine as I have selected for you to do.  If you want to do more exercise,   I would prefer you to do more of my my routine or parts of my routine over, and over  again.  If you want to find other exercise videos, than YouTube is a good  source,   how ever I am sure you will find it very difficult to find any  weight loss exercises better suited to you then mine.   If you found weight loss exercises that you are happy with and want my opinion of their weight loss effectiveness then just vidoe tape yourself doing the workout and send it to me through your dashboard, or send it to me an email question request, and upload it to Youtube as unlisted or private with a link for me to see it.

should I try to lose weight faster ?

You can try if you want, while on my program,  you will need to keep eating your weight loss medicine to the correct level of 2 + 5 a day.  We all want fast results,  however most times I find my clients go back to the rate of fat loss that I recommend, which is about the same as the average that most of my clients lose.  1- 2 kilo grams per week.  or 2 – 4 pounds per week.

How well does your system travel on holidays ?

Great,  I teach you how to exercise anywhere,  with no equipment so the exercise part is no problem.  There is internet everywhere these days and you can always find a super market to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep in your hotel room and take with you when you leave the hotel room to have a good time.  There is no better weight loss program to be on.

Should I tell my family I am on it ?

Yes,  how ever do not expect any extra help from them, this up to you.  They will get more interested and supportive, once they see your transformation.

It sounds to easy, how does it work ?

It is eating less of the high energy foods and doing more weight loss exercise, every day till you lose weight in a system that works.   It is hard for me to put it in a more simpler answer.   The best thing to do is to read  everything on my Substitute Health Club.com web site, and watch all my videos,  even the testimonials,  and if you still don’t get it.    Then the best way for you to learn how it works,   is to do my Easy AS customized weight loss 10 part video program,   if not the Full paid program at $65 then you can get it as a free sample Easy AS program,  downloadable and yours to keep.  If after 7 days on the program and you still have questions about  my system, methods,  small changes,  programs or the free sample then email these questions to me,  with your free weekly email question  that you get within your membership.

My English is not good

Its OK, my English is not great either,  if you send me your questions in your language,  and tell me what language you prefer the answer to be in,  then I will use Google translate or one of my staff will help me understand it.  My reply will be normally in English so you should also use Google translate to understand my answer.

I want to lose weight but also I want to end up with a sexy looking toned body, can you do that?

Yes and there is no better way to get the best and sexiest body than with my weight loss exercises, and programs.   The routines in my programs always use the majority of major muscle groups.  So you exercise your whole body not just your calf’s like you do when walking on a treadmill.   You lose weight and develop exercise skills similar to dancers,  and we all know that Dancers have the Sexiest, healthiest and best looking bodies.  There is no other way to reduce your weight, reduce excess skin, reduce fat and teach you how to develop your body into a sexy beast. The best program to start with is Easy AS 10 part weight loss program, it is on line only $65 and you get your first month angel membership free.

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  • Hi,  I am Caroline, once I was 166 pounds, (81kg) Overweight, I found Substitute health club. com, Vangel made it so easy for me. I did not even think it would work but  it did, I lost weight, I am so happy, I do my routine, every day,  even my doctor is very happy,  no one knows more about obesity and overweight  then Vangel, I tried the gyms, but they did not care if I lost weight or not! doing it at home is much easier.  
    Caroline from the United Kingdom
    On Easy As, with Angel membership
  • Look,  I know I still have a lot of work to do, but now knowing how easy it is, I truly believe  I can get this done,  easily.  It was easy for me to get started with a free sample, and I was put into Group 2.  Even my doctors is impressed with me,  my blood pressure is down and I feel so full of energy,  and happy these days.  I do my special routine twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  For about 15 minutes.  I might also do an extra one at night.
    James from Canada
    Easy AS program started at Group 2, with Angel membership
  • My problem was I could not stop eating, I love food, don’t you?  I would be picking every hour.   Now I can better control my hunger.    Thanks for the free sample program.     I lost my excess weight just with that and it was free.  It’s true what they say the best things in life are free.
    Sandra from the USA.
    Easy AS Free sample Program, Group 7. 1 week of the Angel Membership
  • I was 42 kilo grams overweight,   I was not happy,   I was dieting for years, and I eat the same as my skinny friends but I could not find ways to eat less food. I needed a better way to do it.  There are no gyms close to us.  Then I found Substitute  Health club.com  online,  and Vangel, he made it so easy for me to start with a free Sample Easy AS program.  I was put into group 4,  I liked it so I bought the full Easy AS program, after 3 weeks I wanted more help so then I joined the 3 Month Belly fat melting kit. I did it !  ( translated from Chinese, mandarin)
    Wang Li from China.
    3 month Belly Fat Melting kit member.
  • I wanted to find a weight loss program others could not tell I was doing.  I did not want the rest of my family or relatives to know I was trying to lose weight.  Finally I found Substitute  Health club.com  and Vangel,  Doing it at home is so much easier,  you use all your Own foods, all natural,  more fruit Vegetables and salads, and with Vangel’s special exercise plan he selected just for me ... ( translated from Hindi Indian )
    Amina from India
    Easy As Group 4 member. With Angel membership for 4 months
  • Hello my name is Barahan,  from Egypt,  I am happy to tell every one about this great weight loss program called Easy As, Vangel at substitute health club.com on the internet,  from Australia I had to find a way to lose weight at home,  without interrupting my family life,  and with the foods I normally eat.  I started with the FREE,  Seated Fat Burner program and then I purchased the Easy AS program. This program is just such a great thing, and it seems like Vangel, understands and respects my traditional lifestyle.   ( translated from Arabic)
    Barahan from Egypt
    Easy AS program, Group 3 with Angel membership

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