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Just for obese and overweight, Fast weight loss customized and includes your favorite food.

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“Easy AS Weight Loss Programs” is a  fresh solution for obesity and weight loss unlike any other on the market.

It is customized specifically for you, by taking your weight, age and gender, into consideration, with regular contact and support no other weight loss program online does this.  Great if you are on any diet and want to break your stall,  no matter how long you have become stagnant to break that plateau.

If you are overweight or obese then the guessing game of choosing between diet and exercise combination is now over. With my years of experience, I will select the best option for you.  It is my guarantee that this program works every time!  From the comfort of your own home, no pills powders or shakes,   no gym equipment, no gym visits,  so no embarrassment.

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My “Easy AS weight loss program ” step-by-step instructional videos all online, to make losing weight easier than ever,  while still enjoying all your favourite foods you normally eat.

Easy AS Weight Loss Program is also great to reduce your risk of health problems including, Heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon), High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Stroke, Liver and Gallbladder, Sleep apnea, Breathing problems, Osteoarthritis,  Infertility.

Join now and receive a free month of Angel Membership  which is the perfect addition to the Easy As Weight loss Program,  to help get you started and stay on track. There is no better way to see how easy and effective “Easy AS” really is than to try it now for a one-time fee of just $65.

I am so confident that it will work,  I am also offering the Easy AS Weight Loss programs as a free trial, sample to try before you buy. Many of my previous members had tried to lose weight before and failed,  they believe that they can not lose weight with any  combination of diet and exercise, some have even been told by so called experts that diet and exercise would not work for them.    This is why I offer a Free Trial Sample of Easy AS, and after doing it for just a few days,  it will prove to you that you can  lose weight and keep it off with Easy AS,  and then continue to lose all your excess weight to get you the body of your dreams.

The free sample of the Easy As program includes a Free membership to Substitute Health Club.com The health Club in the cloud.  This Free basic membership gives you access to the Easy AS program videos and and some of the members area, weight loss support systems.   People from across the world have taken advantage of this extraordinary offer, and many claim that just the free sample of  Easy AS weight loss programs alone has led them to start losing their excess weight.

After using the free sample  and being satisfied with the developing results, you can purchase the full “Easy AS” program and continue to receive our support and benefits.

Just click one of the ” Join Now ” buttons on this page and you will get an Automatic Program Selector form to fill in your weight, age and gender, to work out how much excess weight you have above your normal weight range,  and how overweight you are.  From this information we automatically select the right Easy AS Weight loss program just for you.  Then you will receive your confirmation emails and password within a few minutes, for immediate access to your videos, and the members area for support.  For more information on the steps on how to join, please watch the video below.

As well as your first month of my Angel Membership included free,  with the Full Easy AS Weight Loss Program, your Angel membership renewal is also locked in at the discounted rate of $20 per month and automatically deducted from your bank account monthly,  till you lose all your excess  weight or till you decide to cancel for any reason.

If you decide not to cancel,  just email us requesting to cancel your Angel membership and its $20 automatic monthly payments, and we will then stop deducting your monthly $20 fee after that.

Once you stop your Angel Membership your membership will revert to a free membership where you can still follow your Easy AS weight loss program videos in the members area, however without the support features of the Angel membership.

Some of the perks of being an Angel member include:

  • A free live Party Weight Loss Class weekly, normally $15 per class , that’s $45 per month value

  • Done at home, with compassion and support

  • Natural substitutes, no pills powders or shakes

  • Includes my Yummy Balance Weight Loss Diet and foods you would normally eat from your culture

  • Melts the fat, builds muscle strength for a toned body to reduce saggy excess skin

  • Any age, Any weight

  • Recommended by Doctors, improves health to live longer

  • 1 personal weight loss question answered weekly free,  normally $20 per question so that’s $80 per month value

Click to join the Easy AS program $65 + $20 per month

What my members say about Easy As

With 30 years of experience in gyms, consulting the obese and overweight members

  • Hi,  I am Caroline, once I was 166 pounds, (81kg) Overweight, I found Substitute health club. com, Vangel made it so easy for me. I did not even think it would work but  it did, I lost weight, I am so happy, I do my routine, every day,  even my doctor is very happy,  no one knows more about obesity and overweight  then Vangel, I tried the gyms, but they did not care if I lost weight or not! doing it at home is much easier.  
    Caroline from the United Kingdom
    On Easy As, with Angel membership
  • Look,  I know I still have a lot of work to do, but now knowing how easy it is, I truly believe  I can get this done,  easily.  It was easy for me to get started with a free sample, and I was put into Group 2.  Even my doctors is impressed with me,  my blood pressure is down and I feel so full of energy,  and happy these days.  I do my special routine twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.  For about 15 minutes.  I might also do an extra one at night.
    James from Canada
    Easy AS program started at Group 2, with Angel membership
  • My problem was I could not stop eating, I love food, don’t you?  I would be picking every hour.   Now I can better control my hunger.    Thanks for the free sample program.     I lost my excess weight just with that and it was free.  It’s true what they say the best things in life are free.
    Sandra from the USA.
    Easy AS Free sample Program, Group 7. 1 week of the Angel Membership
  • I was 42 kilo grams overweight,   I was not happy,   I was dieting for years, and I eat the same as my skinny friends but I could not find ways to eat less food. I needed a better way to do it.  There are no gyms close to us.  Then I found Substitute  Health club.com  online,  and Vangel, he made it so easy for me to start with a free Sample Easy AS program.  I was put into group 4,  I liked it so I bought the full Easy AS program, after 3 weeks I wanted more help so then I joined the 3 Month Belly fat melting kit. I did it !  ( translated from Chinese, mandarin)
    Wang Li from China.
    3 month Belly Fat Melting kit member.
  • I wanted to find a weight loss program others could not tell I was doing.  I did not want the rest of my family or relatives to know I was trying to lose weight.  Finally I found Substitute  Health club.com  and Vangel,  Doing it at home is so much easier,  you use all your Own foods, all natural,  more fruit Vegetables and salads, and with Vangel’s special exercise plan he selected just for me ... ( translated from Hindi Indian )
    Amina from India
    Easy As Group 4 member. With Angel membership for 4 months
  • Hello my name is Barahan,  from Egypt,  I am happy to tell every one about this great weight loss program called Easy As, Vangel at substitute health club.com on the internet,  from Australia I had to find a way to lose weight at home,  without interrupting my family life,  and with the foods I normally eat.  I started with the FREE,  Seated Fat Burner program and then I purchased the Easy AS program. This program is just such a great thing, and it seems like Vangel, understands and respects my traditional lifestyle.   ( translated from Arabic)
    Barahan from Egypt
    Easy AS program, Group 3 with Angel membership

Weight loss innovation with understanding

I have the right substitutes of diet, weight loss exercise and new habits, to get you the best possible results

Vangel, Weight Loss Expert

Referred to by many as their Weight Loss Angel. My 30 years of experience consulting with obese and overweight clients has provided me with the knowledge to select the right substitutes of diet, exercise and habits to develop the right combination, effective in achieving sustainable long term weight loss, naturally. View details

Obese and overweight, client Support

Feel free to email me with any questions regarding my programs or website in general. Personal weight loss related questions will be answered based on your membership.  Non- members personal weight loss related questions are charged a $20 consultation fee.

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The Substitute Health Club Vision

Currently in 2014 the amount of obese and overweight people in the English speaking world is about 50% of the population, so I hope to reduce this by half,  by 2020.  Join and help me in my mission.

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Customized Weight loss Program

Lose weight now with  “EASY AS”, Weight Loss video program includes my Yummy diet and an easy weight loss exercises video routine,  customized to your current weight, age, and gender. It’s customized to work by creating a deficit in energy in and energy out.  Just $65, or try the FREE sample!

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Those that have trouble losing weight often have a slow metabolism. While melting fat is important, it is necessary to work on overall body strength to raise your resting metabolic rate. Each time you do the routine I select for you,   your resting metabolic rate will increase for the next  10 – 12 hours,  higher then normal to burn more fat or calories. Keeping this in mind, my weight loss regimen asks  you to follow my routine 2 or more times a day. For ideal results it must be followed both morning and night, or every 10 – 14 hours. My program is designed to help you attain results by increasing your resting  metabolic rate, making it unique from its competitors. You will start noticing results from as early as the 2nd day of following my program! Within weeks you and your friends will notice your progress and you’ll get questions left and right asking about the products you’re using.. The combination of my uniquely designed product along with support, motivation and determination will help you attain the figure you’ve always dreamed of. Help me help you make that dream come true.


Have you given up on trying to lose weight ? Have you been told that you can’t do it, or your efforts are futile?  Have you given up hope on the weight loss market, and deemed other products that claim to give you results useless? Are you confused as to how others have lost weight while you’ve remained the same? Are you sick of trying to find someone that will provide you with honest and affordable support and guidance during each day of your weight loss journey ? If any of these concerns sound familiar, know that you are not alone. By joining the “Easy AS” program, you’ll be provided with the support you need to keep you on track and to get you through the tough times. With reminders of your progress, and regular contact, you’ll be more motivated and confident than ever to continue to strive to become the best you can be. The one-time program fee has everything you need to continue losing weight yourself,  which separates the program from others because you will not be hassled to purchase add ons like diet potions, shakes, or machines. If you prefer to continue the Angel membership while on your program, then for $20 per month you will receive honest and professional support from someone that is experienced in dealing with obesity and overweight problems. Regardless of how long your journey takes, you will receive ongoing support and motivation to reach your health goals.. I have the experience to make sure that you see through with your goal,  make it sustainable,  and  I promise to always be there and provide you with continuous support.


If you’ve ever felt confused or frustrated as to how to shed those extra pounds, and other weight loss programs have failed you, search no more. The program is constructed in a simple and easy to follow format. Once you watch the “Easy AS” program videos, your life will change. In just 7 days on my program you will get an idea of how simple and effective these Easy solutions are.   You will be guided through ways to make healthy lifestyle changes, and how to substitute simple things in your day that will yield a lasting effect..

From experience I have learnt that the easier a program is, the easier it will be to stick to it, and the longer you stick to it, the more weight you will lose. I have spent years testing my philosophies have only decided to include  the easiest and most effective fat burning solutions in my programs.  “Easy AS” has over 30 variables, each selected and tweaked according to your specific profile to ensure that you get the best result for you.  The weight loss exercise routine you receive will be tailored to your specific needs, and will let you see dramatic changes from the comfort of your own home.

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While going through your weight loss journey, it is important to receive adequate care,  understanding and support. While many people believe that they do not have the time to follow up on programs everyday, slowly modifying daily habits makes the transition easy, until it becomes a part of your daily routine. While other programs present their clients with challenging exercises that leave them frustrated and annoyed, the routines here at “Easy AS” are simple and easy to follow. If you find that any routine is too much of a challenge for you to incorporate into your daily life, I will provide you with an alternative substitute that you will be happier with for absolutely no additional charge.   When you first watch the Weight loss exercise video, you’ll see that they are easy to do, so  follow along with the video as you watch and start feeling  fantastic.   This quick run through the weight loss exercise routine  will help you believe you can do it every day.    I know you might need a few caring reminders to continue working hard, and I am there to provide them every step of the way with the Angel Membership.    It has many ways to remind you to follow your Easy AS program every day.  Once you reach the 4 week stage, you will soon see how effective my caring and understanding reminder system is.  Get ready to become a fat burning machine.


Caring,  understanding and support is needed while losing weight.  Many don’t have time to stick to the program every day,   however daily easy habits, makes EASY AS so easy to do every day.     If you have not exercises daily for a long time,  then it might be a challenge to remember to do the routine daily as well as get yourself in the mood and motivated to do it.  Many people have tried exercise in some form and don’t like exercise,    and from what I have seen out there, in other programs, and gyms,  I don’t blame them.   My programs are different, the  weight loss exercise routine in your program will be easy for you to do, and if it is not suitable for you, then send me a message and I will give you substitutes exercises to do free.   When you first watch the Weight loss exercise video, follow along and do it,  as you watch it,  and see how easy and fantastic it feels.   This quick run through of your weight loss exercise routine  will help you believe you can do it every day, maybe even twice a day.    I know you might need a few caring reminders to do it now and then,  until you remembers on your own,    all my members do.   So I included many ways to remind you to follow your Easy AS program every day in my Angel membership.  Once you reach the 4 week stage, you will soon see how effective my caring and understanding reminder,  support system is.   I look forward to helping you to.

It only takes 5 minutes to join, and to start seeing results by tomorrow morning.

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How to lose weight with the EASY AS video weight loss programs, FREE sample to do at home

Easy AS weight loss programs online, 10 part video program done at home. Great for restarting your stall, no matter how long you have been stagnant.