What is a Balanced Diet – review by Vangel Weight Loss Expert

Here is a good video from Gringo. This is a Healthy balanced diet as per the understanding of many health authorities, as well as my self. This is a diet to improve the health, of people in their normal weight range. It is not a diet that guarantees to help overweight or obese lose weight. For this balanced healthy diet to help overweight and obese lose weight, the total calories in this diet of food and drink must be less then your BMR your metabolism at rest plus any extra exercise you do. Review by Vangel Weight loss expert


How does exercise impact Weight Loss. review by Vangel WLE

Here is a good video from the Mechanisms in Medicine people. It is the deficit of energy in and energy out, ( the normal energy you burn for every day living and sleeping plus any extra Weight Loss exercise ) I have added what I believe is a valuable correction, that will improve your success using this theory.


减肥容易 how to lose weight in chinese online easy, less food more exercise, everyday

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