body challenge 2008-Portion control – review by Vangel WLE

Here is a video on Portion Control, it gives you an idea of the quantity of food and drink to consume in a day to eat 1,200 calories. The main message on portion control is okay, but I will have to point out some corrections for my overweight members…… Reviewed by Vangel Rizos Founder Substitute Health Weight Loss Expert.


40 hours inside the body’s pipelines: How the digestive system works – review by Vangel Rizos WLE

Here is a very good video from the Zoom TV people, that will show you how the digestive system works, how long food stays in your body and how many parts of your body ( not just your stomach) tells you that you need more food, and tells you that you are hungry. Reviewed by Vangel Rizos WLE Founder Substitute Health Weight Loss Expert.


10 Signs You Are A Gym Creeper – Reviewed by Vangel Rizos

Here is a very good video with some of the many problems that females find in the gym, or a health and fitness center. Most men exercise in gyms to look at females and this is very embarrassing for females. If you feel embarrassed by the attention of men in the gym or even going for a walk outside then here are a few tips to help you concentrate on your exercise. Tip 1 Wear sporting clothing with a skirt or shorts, with stockings, or loose, track suite pants, not body hugging. ….. Vangel Founder Substitute Health Weight Loss Expert.