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I believe overweight and obese people need as much support as they can get to help them stick to their Easy AS weight loss program and improve their success rate.   

So I need you to help us help them.  

Support, is a major part of my system,  that’s also built into Substitute Health here are some of the options of how you as an affiliate,  can help me  ” Support”   the clients that join from your link.   

* Being a guest in our daily party class show, live Google hangout. 

* Access to our weight loss resources, advertisements, marketing and training.

* Upon your referrals consent, feed back of their progress. 

Our combined support will improve  their client satisfaction, to help them continue as a member till they have lost all their excess weight and keep their recurring fees being paid. 

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So please join the Easy AS weight loss program even if you are not overweight,  watch the videos, and even after few days,  when you lose some weight, or understand it better,  promote it,  by what ever way you know best,  even make a video similar to the ones on my website about your experience, on the program.  

Once 10 people join through your link, you can all continue to lose weight together at the same time,  and continue to build your referral numbers from your while a member and doing the Easy As program, and experience.   

Remember there is a 60 day money Back guarantee so if it is not suitable to you for what ever reason there is no risk.

This is a club for overweight and obese, and there is a program for people who are in their normal weight range, called Happiness,   so  you don’t have to be obese and overweight to join, or to try the Easy AS program,   and if you are overweight, at the moment, then you will also be a very suitable affiliate.  

Now is the time to get into the biggest niche on the internet, “The Weight Loss Niche” even if you have never offered support to an overweight or obese person before, I have the knowledge, to help you become a super affiliate.  

I have had over 25 years experience training sales people in over 9 normal bricks and morta weight loss health and fitness center gym facilities that I owned called Body Workshop weight loss health and fitness centers in Australia.  I had over 100 sales staff achieving great sales results, for over 70,000 members over 25 years.   The amount of current active members that we would handle an any one time was  about 10,000 and my staff would help my current members lose weight with great satisfaction.

With my experience I now believe weight loss is better achieved with this type of online, course, and constant daily, support,   so please help me help so many people that need us.

Statistics show that over 50 % of the population is overweight or obese in English speaking countries.  Non-English speaking countries are slowly catching up, so this is a huge problem and a huge market,  and with this Easy AS online, video course,  product you will see it is true to name, easy to do, easy to learn for anyone from any background or nation.

It only takes half an hour a day and now is a great time for you  to start.  Even if you only get a small number of referrals,  5 or 10,  this will be a great way to start and  learn from the best, so you can slowly or quickly growing your referrals, to hundreds or even thousands and be involved in a very rewarding and satisfying occupation.  

You don’t need prior experience in health,  weight loss  exercise or weight loss diet however you will soon see how satisfying it is to help some one achieve something that they have been struggling for years to achieve,  their normal healthy weight range.

Are you still trying to lose weight? 



here is the sales page link you can use to sell the Easy AS weight loss program.   Once they press join it will take them to a Automatic program selector page that will select the right program for their age, weight and gender.





I look forward in working with you.




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