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I am a Greek born Australian that takes pride in helping my clients attain their weight loss goals.

Throughout my 25 years of owning and managing a chain of nine gyms called  Body Workshop Weight Loss Health and Fitness Centers, as CEO,  I have worked to help more than 70,000 clients lose weight by eating less and exercising more.
It is from my gym experience that I have gained the extra knowledge needed to help you see results. Since starting these businesses in 1984, working closely with my client base has been a great asset in helping  me design my own unique programs, memberships, weight loss exercises, and classes that are 100% effective and extremely meticulous to a client’s current weight and still include their favorite foods they normally eat.

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QUALIFICATIONS   In my prime as a qualified aerobic exercise instructor, I taught more than five weight loss exercise classes a day, every day of the week,  and gained the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of exercises to improve their weight loss efficiency. I have had the opportunity to be a part of the governing boards of several fitness associations, and have had the opportunity to lecture in Aerobic programming, at an Aerobic Instructors  Course, that I owned,  designed to qualify,  aerobics Instructors run in a college called the South Australian Academy of Aerobic Leadership.   This Aerobic Instructors Course was accredited by the South Australian Government’s department of Recreation and Sports for five years, in an effort to help educate more Aerobic Fitness Leaders.   So I  taught and qualified Aerobic fitness  instructors in the 80’s, some of my students were dietitians wanting to learn good aerobic exercise programming, to improve their weight loss qualifications.

EXPERIENCE   I have worked in the Royal Adelaide Hospital Health Promotion unit, and have worked on several other courses and training programs joined by a range of people from all fitness categories.  Over the course of 25 years many, rehabilitation organisations,  Doctors and Dietitians would refer their clients to my group of nine Body Workshop Weight Loss Health and Fitness centers for their clients specific body type and health condition.  I have traveled the world 3 times and seen the wide range of cultures all being effected by the introduction of the westernized lifestyle and how this lifestyle has effected their weight control.   I have worked with a diverse group of people ranging in levels of obesity, weight related health problems, fitness, gender and age with my oldest client being 92 years of age and my heaviest being 450 pounds, that’s just over 200 kilo grams.

So I learnt from my clients results, not just from theory. I also understand what you are going through,   I have always struggled with my weight,  and in my 30’s I let myself go,  I had too many great things going on in my life, and being a high  energy fitness instructor, I was also a big eater with a love for sweets.   I became over weight then also obese for over 5 years.     Then one day  at 42 years of age  I had a weight related heath issue,  I had a stroke,  that was a wake up call I was not expecting.    This experience changed my life and helped me see personally what others go through.  I was embarrassed about being effected by a weight related health issue with my health knowledge.   I use to spend more time helping others at my successful chain of Body Workshop gyms, rather than looking after myself.

I knew what my problems were,  I  had stopped exercising everyday and  my biggest diet weakness was  my coffee and sweets habit, coffee cake1 I had coffee and cake or a few biscuits,  4 – 6 times a day,   I love it,  So I set up a plan to eat less, exercise every time I ate anything,  to lose my excess weight and get my health back in order.   I cut down on my coffee and cake, and I would  exercise more, every day  to burn the extra calories,  to control my weight rather than cut my love of coffee and cake habit altogether.    I still have coffee and a cake or a few biscuits,  but only 3 – 5 times a day, but I can control it better.    What is your bad habit, is it diet is it exercise ?

I have worked with many at the other end of the scales,  people in their normal weight range,   and improved the performance of professional athletes, competitive sports-people, Olympic athletes, and competitive body builders. My Body Workshops also had specialized rehabilitation services approved by The State Government work place insurance department Called Workcover and other rehabilitation administrators including Comcare.   For the last ten years I’ve centered my focus only around the obese and overweight, and this focus is my specialty. My wide range of weight loss exercises is inspired largely by my professional dance experience.

Vangel Founder Weight Loss Expert

Weight Loss Expert

My high success rate in the field can be accredited to the vast range of experience I’ve gained from consulting a diverse spectrum of clients. My members have helped me develop, research, and test hundreds of my weight loss programs to improve their performance.

A few of my findings include

1) Members that attended my gyms twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening,  every day lost weight 82% better than those that attended once a day.   So doing a weight loss exercise routine twice a day is  82% better.

2)  I gave out sheets with lists of extra weight loss exercises to some members to do at home and those members lost weight 3 times faster,  yes 3 times faster, than those only attending my Body Workshop Weight Loss Health and Fitness center gyms every day.  So my weight loss routines done at home will help you lose weight 3 times faster than working out in any gym.

3) All members from all backgrounds could incorporate my weight loss diet system of 2 fruit and 5 + vegetables or salad with each meal diet, drinking only water,    and those that followed this every day lost weight 76% better than those that followed any other diet available, including pills, powders, shakes, low-fat, low sugar, low carbohydrate, low salt, high protein, calorie counting, veggie juice, detox, vegan, pre- packaged food vegetarian, or diet books my members tried them all.   So my yummy diet is the most suitable and effective for weight loss for any culture.

4)  Programs need to be different to those at different levels of obesity, age and gender.

5)  The differences between a Healthy Diet and a Weight Loss Diet.

6)  How to increase calories out and reduce calories in create a deficit, to lose weight at a rate you can control.   With my experience I have gained the authority to conclude, that  there is no better way for the majority of people to attain their weight loss naturally other than my customized solutions.     anoying old men at gym

HOW I DO IT ?     Now I do it with video and the internet.    Since I started my work in 1984,  I’ve uploaded many of my weight loss diet and exercise programs and solutions videos online for my Australian clients. With this,  you have the freedom to access my material from anywhere in world and at your own convenience. As the name of my website suggests, my service provides a  better substitute service to regular gym, health or weight loss clubs, so you don’t have to be put under unnecessary pressure  by fitness instructors.  By doing my programs at home it removes many of the biggest problems overweight and obese face going to a gym including easy access, being comfortable,  non threatening, convenient,  privacy and  reducing embarrassment.

exercise at the park walk I will show you  how to incorporate my programs, and membership requirements into your normal every day routine so that the transition to quicker weight loss results is easy and painless. Yes there are many other ways to lose weight, but none with a more complete diet and customized exercise package, or with a membership system that delivers  daily support  like mine.    Most other programs  have low success rates,  some lower than  10% and also high relapse rates.    it is not the plans that work, but mere luck.

REASONS FOR JOINING US   Losing weight can range from trying to increase self-confidence,  feeling better,  looking better,  and to decreasing the risk of several weight related health issues.   Stroke, heart disease, Lung disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Liver and Gallbladder, Sleep apnea, Breathing problems, Osteoarthritis, knee problems, hip problems, back problems,   high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.  Everyone has at some point struggled with, or knows someone who has struggled with over weight issues. From family, to friends, to coworkers, weight issues affect us like pandemics.   exercise-cartoon2These weight related health issues, can effect anyone, and do not discriminate,  rich or poor,  employed or not,  male or female,  good health knowledge or no health knowledge,  and  have become the biggest killer since the late 70′s, and continue to take more and more lives as time goes on.   Many claim they have the solution to the ever-increasing obesity problem however their methods are not effective enough to solve the problem.




But why hasn’t obesity been cured yet?   man 2


MODERN DAY SOCIETY   Despite knowing the severity of the world’s weight problem,  governments try  to reduce the expense of the overweight health related cost to our hospital systems, the problem is not getting any better.   Modern society  means we continue to live  increasingly sedentary lifestyles, being influenced by media,  and over indulge in more processed, convenient and refined food or over indulge in food in general.  Yes some never eat processed food however they over indulge and eat too much food, including  home cooked meals,  non water drinks and don’t exercise enough.   Healthy meals should be balanced and include  2 or 3 servings of vegetables and salad and less of the food you use to eat,  an serving sizes should be limited to lose weight.  More high fiber foods and less sweets, and cakes and less high carbohydrate breads, pasta and rice.   We also drink too much   non water drinks including beer, wine,  soft drink, soda, sports drinks, coffee with milk like fancy cappuccino coffee,  all now heavily commercialized,  and all easily accessible even in super markets and petrol, gas stations. With contributing factors integrated into every aspect of our lives, it is important to get help when trying to tackle these  issues. With my unprecedented experience working with clients of all weight and background,  I have gained the knowledge needed to develop programs, memberships and classes to show you how to reach your goals. The best solution I recommend for you to start with is my 10 part “Easy AS” weight loss video program. va-ecover5

30day-certificateThis program  is customized to your age, weight and gender, and is available for the low price of $65 The 10 part ” Easy AS” video weight loss program is yours to keep and follow on your own,  for best results, do it with my Angel Membership for support,  the program includes your first  month of my  Angel Membership, then continue with my Angel Membership at a discounted rate of  $20 per month.  I urge you to try the Easy AS program, it is a once only fee and yours to keep.  If you are still not convinced,  try the Absolutely FREE sample ( $65 Value)  of the Easy As 10 part video program it is yours to keep. In our new modern-day society we are constantly being spoiled with the introduction of labor-saving inventions that increase convenience, entertain us  and reduce physical exertion. Paired with the increasing over indulgence in high quality, food and non water drink, that we consume, our weight and health is becoming less and less in our control.  A strong supply, marketing and distribution of these new inventions of convenience,  most starting from the 60′s has been distracting us from looking after our health and our bodies. download Young Woman On The Telephone And Computerhidden calories   New leisure inventions of convenience and activities such as television, then color television, which was made even more convenient with the introduction of the remote control, then more popular now with the huge 42, 50 and 60 inch, wide-screen,  over time other inventions which increase the time we sit down include the VHS Video player, DVD players, blue ray,  cable TV, PC computers,  mobile phones, smart phones, email, cloths washing machines,  dish washers,  traffic congestion, all you can eat restaurants, gaming consuls, internet,  and eventually, our lives started revolving around sitting down. From the drive through restaurants, of the 80’s  to the internet, google, Youtube,  facebook, etc, of today.     The new challenge is being able to control these fantastic, new  inventions that have already effected our lives,  this is not only important to help you control our weight, but will also prepare you for the new inventions in the future, and I can guarantee you will see plenty of them to come. Now with the expansion of fast food restaurants, to the home delivery of pre-made foods,  it is easy to over eat,   these all  have  been factors leading up to the emergence of the dieting industry.

I believe being obese is not just your fault,   it is also the fault of Modern day society with a strong influence of food, drink and these inventions of convenience, you see we are all programmed to survive, and enjoy our self with the least amount of effort,   to live a better life, learn more, explore the new,  keep up with the Jones’s,  find new ways to have fun, and enjoy our self,  avoid pain or feeling hungry, with every new comfort of modern-day society. We have all tried many of these items and can easily be influenced to become obsessed by them with their heavy marketing and distribution.  Just drive around our cities these days and you will soon see, every main road has a fast food restaurant,  so food is always on your mind,  look inside and everyone is on their smart phone, on email, facebook or playing a game with wifi. cal in cal out detail

How to control all these factors,  and balance it with time to exercise is the key.  My programs give you  systems to follow that helps plan your day,  to control  these other items so you can diet and exercise to lose your excess weight. Another issue is poor selection of weight loss  diet options,  there are hundreds  of diets,   foods and drinks  which are  marketed heavily as helpful for weight loss,  including low-fat, low carbohydrate,  low GI,  Vegan, low Gluten,  healthy, low salt, body building diet, Raw  food diet,  high fiber, high protein, high energy, pre-packaged food,  juice diet, cave man diet ( even though the average age of a cave man was only 16 years of age) low-calorie, low sugar, detox, natural, and recently a new label to food is ” clean food ” , which is best for you?     Most of these diets and food label’s, go into detail about losing weight by changing what you eat and in  great detail,  but are poor with their exercise support. saggy skin obeseIf you are obese,  trying to lose weight just by dieting, it is much harder than if you don’t combine it with the right exercise.  Just dieting alone without the right weight loss exercise is bad for your health, or if you do lose your excess weight just by dieting then this may leave  you  flabby excess skin,  with a low success rate,  even under 10% (I believe under 10% is luck not real success) you might fail and even get heavier long-term.

Then there are hundreds of weight loss exercise methods,  treadmills, classes,  cardio, home gym equipment, programs, yoga,  walking, gyms etc, with detailed exercise advice and exercise systems, I find  most these exercises  are reliant on believing that you need gym equipment to do the work for you,  and are more suited to people in their normal weight range, or just over weight, and young, or already thin,  who want to improve their fitness, or strength, or get more healthy and lose just a few pounds.  The information on a weight loss diet, they provide is poor,  or use the health diet option which is not a weight loss diet,  a healthy diet is for maintaining health not losing weight.

If find obese people,   also find the gym environment can be boring or embarrassing, as they mix with the rest so they stand out  from the rest most being their normal weight range and some being underweight.

Another  problem  with the weight loss industry is that it has been inspired by the “Hollywood culture”  full of secret methods of weight loss or starving oneself.  Some people try to look for the easiest and quickest way to do starve oneself,  or try to find someone else to do it for them.   The weight loss industry is always coming up with new easy and fast products that promise no diet and no exercise, to help you lose more money then weight, however they have all had a low success rate, lower then 10%.

No matter what method you try, you still have to put in a lot of effort,  follow the right diet with the right weight loss exercise system and do it long-term,  which is normally a few months,  or if you are very obese then a few years, and it will work faster than anything else. Even stomach surgery  has a low success rate of around 30% and might take you up to 3 years from the first appointment with your doctor, till you have lost all your excess weight,  and you are finally rid of all the excess skin and feeling health,  if you are obese.  Stomach  surgery means  3 years of hard work, pain, planning, dieting,  exercise, a lot of money  and interruption to your lifestyle for the rest of your life, and embarrassment.     Some procedures are irreversible,  if you change your mind later,   and for some people complications serious ones even death,   if it works for you at all.   Let me tell you select what type of weight loss surgery might be an option for you, if at all, or the thing to do before this becomes an option.

Send me this personal question through my web site for $20 consultation fee. vulnerable peopleMany of my clients come to me prepared to go through exercise torture, like what they have seen on fitness TV shows like  the Biggest Loser Competition show.   They believe they are obese due to a happy over indulging in food type of lifestyle with no exercise,  so like  on the over dramatic, TV fitness shows they must go though the opposite to lose weight. I have had new clients  sit with me wanting me to scream at them,  in an attempt to push them into changing their bad habits,    just like what they have seen other personal fitness trainers do on those TV shows.   They tell me to be hard on them and they believe humiliation,  will motivate them,  they want me to put them through a hard, torturous,  painful routine, as this is what they have seen others on TV  go through to lose weight.  When they see that my method is a system,  full of caring, compassion,  support and  understanding  that works, with great results,  they are very grateful. Some of my clients also still had to be convinced that a diet and exercise system still works at all.  The truth is,   TV competition weight loss shows like the Biggest Loser,are  in a reality TV format,   edited and planned out to be entertainment,  not a documentary.

Yes these shows also  proves without a doubt  that diet and exercise for 6 hours a day locked in a camp with a huge prize of $200,000 works.  Most contestants on the show lose 2 – 15 pounds a week.    However,  I still cringe at this show, knowing many overweight or obese,  are put off the diet and exercise concept of losing weight by this show if,   they have to go through the pain that the contestants also go through. I know many people find these  TV weight loss competition shows entertaining,  people love competitions,  watching human emotion and  people struggling.     People watching are curious as to who will win the money, who will lose weight, who will not lose, who breaks down from the pain, emotional pain and who will put the weight back on.

If you are overweight and don’t believe dieting works  then the best example of its certainty, is with another real life proven situation of the  concentration camps of the 2nd world war,  during the 1940’s  were over 4 million people of all ages, nationalities, weight, gender, were locked in camps and fed a minimal diet. the_holocaust_violence_sf114All lost weight, and were reduced to skin and bone,   all 5 million,  lost weight, 100% success.    Not one P.O.W. came out after 6 months from a camp, still overweight or obese due to a hormone disorder, or some sort of medical overweight condition, or an overweight disease.  I believe being overweight is not a medical disease, it  causes  medical diseases.   I know this is a dramatic example,  however it happened,  it was real, and because some obese have been told ” there is no way you will lose weight with diet and exercise “,   I want to help people believe proper weight loss diet and weight loss exercise works.  I  find many people will not lose weight if they do not believe it is possible.   The saying goes  if you believe you can or you believe you can not then you are probably right.

I want you to believe you can do it, because if you believe you can,  it will work easier. Programs and methods, with quick weight loss of torturous diet,   exercise and with a huge prize money,  might also lead you to unhealthy habits just  to finish the program and win the money.   Following these unrealistic TV weight loss methods, and other promoted starvation weight loss methods will work but they will be dangerous to your health. These methods work but are not real weight loss systems for everyday modern life,  the Biggest Loser is a TV game show, a contest, a competition to win money, and the organizers plan it to get ratings  just like other game shows on TV that we like to watch for entertainment.   Some people will do anything for money, or for fame, even willing to be abused, humiliated by Fitness trainers on world-wide TV.   It is a TV show for entertainment just like any  similar TV competition concept like a  sport,   football,  boxing,  motor racing, or any other TV shows like Survivor, The Price is Right,  or the Amazing Race. all  great to watch,     but many would not go through this without the $200, $300, $400,000 first prize money, or million dollar yearly earnings of a professional sporting competitor ?

Our lives have become more and more convenient, but our care for health has reduced significantly, mainly due to lack of daily exercise.  Many people now believe it is  cheaper to eat out than it is to prepare healthy weight loss food themselves, so they cook less than ever before, at home.  Eating take out leads to eating more food and not exercising.   Sure you can eat out on my system,  I teach you ways how to eat, take out and lose weight,    but home-made meals can  be made with more vegetables and salad.     Yes we are all busy,   to busy to cook, to busy to exercise,  however if you are over weight and you don’t make time for weight loss exercise and weight loss eating now then you will have to make time for illness later.    The combination of all of these factors is leading to the deterioration of our health and becoming over weight. G4_-24_F

CONTROL    We must control and moderate these modern-day conveniences and confusing messages from marketers,  so we can still enjoy them, but in a way that doesn’t allow them to take priority over our own well-being.  While on my programs,   I can teach you how to incorporate my system into your daily routines painlessly, so you lose weight as you go about your normal every day routine. With this knowledge you will be able to take control of your own life by moderating the factors that contribute to it.  Being prepared to control your diet and exercise is part of controlling your health and your body. Learning control while losing your excess weight is key,  then after the excess weight is lost, the most important element of your weight loss must also be done, which is to continue to control what you eat and exercise every day for a reasonable length of time to maintain your weight, and to allow your internal organs and stomach to reduce in size.


So if you were obese or overweight for over 10 years then once you lose your weight with my programs,  you will need to be on my “Happiness membership”  for another 2 – 5 years for maintenance, to let this change happen and to help you deal with the over eating habits of our modern society.

A growing problem  with society is that our way of life has slowly but surely transitioned from active lifestyles to the sedentary jobs of the industrial world. Whereas historically people would need to work manual labor for work and prepare  their meals, we are now cooped up in offices spending the majority of our hours sitting down, and then being too exhausted or run out of time to prepare meals our self,  or engage in physical activity even when we do come home from work.

Some believe the only place to exercise is in a gym,  or with gym equipment so they limit their exercise variety and possibilities. arnolds_dance_3Entertainment use to be going outside  and playing or  eating out would also include dancing to the jukebox, or band at the dinner dance or like the TV show Happy Days with the typical American diner called  Arnold’s  that had a dance floor.  These days fast food restaurants or expensive ones don’t have dance floors,  they have large  TV screens, playing, news, sport, or music  film clips on MTV,  where we can watch others dance on a screen,   so we are not encouraged to dance to burn it off and have fun.     If I was responsible for issuing the restaurants licenses around the world, I would not issue one unless  the restaurant had a big dance floor and free jukebox.  Dancing is the best weight loss exercise in the world,  it burns the highest amount of calories,  about 600 per hour compared to walking at 100 calories per hour,  it gets you huffing and puffing, it is done with no gym equipment, so you can do it anywhere, even at home and you have fun doing it.   The cultures that live longer are the ones that promote Dancing,  as part of their weekly entertainment. Put on your some of your favorite videos from Youtube ( or think of your favorite song in your head) and dance for 10 – 30 minutes 2 or 3 or more, include some sit ups and push ups every day for the best way to get the best body you can get,  a dancers body.

To help build our upper body and core add some pushups on your knees and some crunches as many as you can do each day and follow my eating plan and you will lose weight. If you are not able to play music loud to dance to then just think of your favorite song in your head and dance to it for as long as you can.  If you can not dance and want weight loss  exercise on video then try my Easy As weight loss program. We are all stuck in sedentary but exhausting lifestyles and our health is paying the price.  Our bodies are built to adapt to their surroundings, and our lifestyle.  You are  built to stand up, and move,  if you don’t move often every day, your  body  will adapt itself to your comfortable lifestyle, and will reduce the possibilities of enjoying other more challenging normal irregular daily activities, like cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the car  gardening, or dancing. As the saying goes, ” if you don’t use it,  you lose it “ food in stomach


I will show you how to make small changes to your diet while still keeping it delicious. My specific yummy weight loss diet method, and weight loss exercise combinations are easy to follow and will I show you how to substitute choices so you lose the weight you want to lose. I have an easy to follow structured program and it will be easy to incorporate into your lifestyle,  I call this my weight loss lifestyle.  I’ll show you how to do this program with the aid of my selection of one of my  70 video Easy AS weight loss programs and exercise routines. I use videos for my programs to make it easier for you to absorb and retain the information and easier for me to demonstrate how to do your  weight loss exercise routine properly, just like in an exercise class in my gyms,  I use to teach. I also find video with the subtitles easier for more people to understand my message,  hay as you can tell from my videos, I am no actor,  and making my videos was very difficult.      English is my second language,  and together with an uncommon Australian accent,  I thought it would be better to also include my videos with subtitles to help you understand the points I am trying to make.

So now with my website and video programs, you don’t have to read long books and you can minimize your physical presence travelling to gyms,  other such meetings and institutions, again saving you time and money and you get the best help direct from the best. carrots

I will help you  set up a weight loss diet right for you, with great tasting substitutes for your normal food and drinks, that are cheaper than processed foods,  and give you weight loss exercises routines you can do 2 or 3 times a day so you can control your weight forever.  Small changes  like taking your weight loss medicine, food with you whenever you leave the house for a snack,  like a carrot ( just $2 for a 2 kilogram 4 pound bag ), or an apple,  banana  and a bottle of water.    Substitutes like my invisible weight loss exercises when ever you have some spare time, like waiting in line at the bank, or at your work desk.  This way your boss will pay you while you do your weight loss exercises at work while working, so you exercise and get paid at the same time, making money while losing weight,   much better then paying a gym to watch you exercise and wasting money.  So yes,  with my programs I teach you how to save money while doing it,  which will more than cover the cost of my programs and membership.

DO IT    If you are ready to lose weight, then do it and join us today,  join the  “Easy AS” weight loss program Sample Absolutely FREE today, right now,   or any of my other programs,  and let me be your personal, confidential weight loss exercise trainer, your motivational coach, your diet mentor, your friendly support team that understands you and what you are going through, so you can ask questions as you go,  any question about weight loss,  no matter how unusual you may think it might sound.  Your questions are never be unusual to me.   So Try me,    Vangel, as your weight loss guardian angel and I’ll keep you on track and care for you, to give you the confidence to stick to it.

Join one of my solutions   on this site and do it for 7 days with  100% compliance,  or as close to 100% as you can,  or let me pick your personalized plan from my most popular program,  my “EASY AS” weight loss 10 part video program.  All the solutions to your problems are just a click away, and take 5 minutes to set up.

Click to get more information and if you’re not ready to buy,  get the free Sample “Easy AS” weight loss video program,  It’s yours to try,  and keep no matter what your decision,   with an optional 1 week Angel membership for $1 for more support by me and to get you started. This site has heaps of free weight loss information to help you lose weight your self,  with documents and videos,   some are mine and some from others in the sections in the tab   Solutions,  called ” Good Weight Loss Information from others ”  where I share and comment on how you can use these videos and information so you can help yourself. join now yes So now you have found it, it might seem simple, it might seem different, it might seem to good to believe, but make this your club,   join,   it has the latest weight loss programs,  being comprehensive, tested and proven to lose your excess weight,   and with substitutes for your diet, exercise and new habits, with programs in 70 different levels, and with support to help you progress to your normal weight.

Let me help you lose your excess weight. Join my mission, support this club and I guarantee that it will change your life and help you change the lives of others that need it as well.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel,  like my videos,   join me on facebook and share my videos on other web sites that you think would benefit from my free samples programs and videos.  Join the Party Classes show, on-line daily and become a fat burning machine, and tell me what you would like to see in my club to make it the best possible experience for you.

Get involved and I promise I have many fantastic things planned for you and your club, in the future.     And don’t forget.

 ” – follow your program every day  ! ” 


by Vangel Rizos WLE. 

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Vangel Rizos weight loss expert, about Vangel, " Weight Loss Specialist " background, and why he set up Substitute Health the online weight loss club in the cloud. Just for obese and overweight, one of the best weight loss health clubs in the world. With many Weight loss programs, customized to your age, weight and gender saves you guessing which one of his programs is right for you. subtitles for most non-English visitors.